Pastoral Services

The following is a summary of the pastoral services provided by the church, and anyone wishing to avail themselves of the services of a minister should contact The Rev Muriel Willoughby by telephone on 01383 738487 or by email at

The Minister is very happy to discuss and explore infant and adult baptism with anyone who believes this to be appropriate to their lives.


It may be, however, that you simply want to thank God for the gift of your child and ask His blessing on the child and you as parents. This enables you to mark the event without a future commitment, which the vows of baptism would require.


A big day planned! The Minister would be happy to discuss your wedding plans with you and is happy to conduct your wedding either in the church, or, if you prefer, at another suitable venue.


The passing of a loved one is a very difficult time – arrangements for the funeral, registration of the death – and, in the midst of all this, deep emotions are running high.

While the Funeral Directors can guide you through most of the plans, the Minister’s focus is on you and your family and the funeral service. The Minister will provide pastoral support and discuss the funeral service with you. If required, aftercare and support can be provided. Discussing the tribute can be a very therapeutic time, with both tears and laughter, as the loved one is fondly remembered.

Faith Issues

  • Does the meaning of life scare you?
  • Are there aspects of your life with which you are uncomfortable?
  • Do you want to make sense of your life

Then watch this page for details of opportunities to explore life, its meaning, its purpose, God and the universe.

If you are having particular difficulties which need to be explored sooner rather that later, then please make contact with the Minister, who will be happy to provide a sympathetic ear.

Church Membership

There are a number of ways in which you can become a member of our faith community.

  • Come along regularly to Sunday worship
  • Transfer your membership from another faith community
  • Resolution of the Kirk Session
  • Profession of Faith

Pastoral Care Team

This group of church members and non-church members takes a holistic approach towards pastoral care within the church and provides a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to come along and attend any of the services and events that take place throughout the year.

Pastoral care supports those who are less able to come to church regularly but who would perhaps embrace the opportunity to be visited by members of the congregation to keep in touch with what is going on within the church and future events.

We are pleased to offer annual services for those who have been bereaved, as well as a communion service for the less able members who may need transport / assistance getting to the church and also home communion, if requested.

The senior Christmas party is a great opportunity for everyone over 70 years of age to come along and enjoy the company and festivities that the Christmas season brings.

Leading up to Christmas day the Sunday School celebrates with a Christingle service, welcoming families and friends to come along to the church to take part in making christingles and to sing Christmas carols.

Pastoral care is all about caring for the church family and those who live within our area.